Ukraine Food Relief Organizations (Verified)

Ukraine Food Relief Organizations (Verified)
  • Dr. Taylor Wallace
  • March 15, 2022

In times of humanitarian crisis like this, acts of compassion and generosity can make a big difference.  Many organizations have mobilized to begin addressing the crisis in Ukraine.  If you are looking to support those affected by the war in Ukraine, consider supporting one or more of the following organizations.  Our team has verified each organization’s effort to provide low overhead, fast, and efficient food aide to support the current situation.

Verified Ways to Support Food Relief in Ukraine

Bake for Ukraine – Bakers Against Racism (BAR) is the largest bake sale, raising over $2.5M for social justice causes worldwide.  BAR calls upon all bakers, chefs, home cooks, and artisans of any skill level to lead at-home bake sales.  The organization provides resources and graphics on how to start your own bake sale and encourages donations to charitable organizations. Make CAKE, not WAR!

Cook For Ukraine – A food and drink campaign collecting donations to support the U.N. International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF).  You can join the movement by hosting your own #CookForUkraine supper club and inviting friends to donate to their Just Giving page.

CARE’s Ukraine Crisis Fund – Aims to reach 4 million people and is sending trucks with relief supplies (e.g., food, hygiene items, diapers, sleeping bags, etc) to refugees in Ukraine – prioritizing girls, families, and the elderly.

International Rescue Committee – Helps people affected by humanitarian crises recover and rebuild their lives.  The organization is on the ground in Poland, providing medical care, emergency supplies and food to families.

Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund – Established by Save the Children, the fund provides children and families caught in the crossfire with immediate aide including food, water, hygiene kits, psychosocial support, and cash assistance.

U.N. World Food Programme (WFP) – An emergency operation has been launched to provide food assistance for people fleeing the conflict inside the country and in neighboring countries.  WFP staff are currently in Kyiv helping to address the city’s food and water crisis.

World Central Kitchen – Launched an immediate response to Russia’s invasion and is providing hot, fresh meals to Ukrainian families on the Ukraine-Poland border as well as those who remain in the country.

U.N. Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) – Is scaling up efforts to provide nutrition, healthcare, and education support to protect the country’s 7.5 million children.  They are currently based in eastern Ukraine and are expanding across the country.  Note: make sure to click the “designate to children in Ukraine” link on the donation page.

Ukraine Red Cross – Is currently assisting people inside the country by aiding evacuations and providing food, shelter, and other necessities.  Use the hashtag #standwithukraine on social media.

For additional information on non-food specific humanitarian efforts, check out the Forbes article, “How To Donate To Ukraine Relief Efforts.”

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