Book Review: The Calories In Calories Out Cookbook Nutrition

A friend of mine, Dr. Elaine Trujillo and her colleague Dr. Catherine Jones just published a wonderful new cookbook that I thought was totally worth sharing! Now even though I’m a food and nutrition scientist, I’m typically a skeptic when it comes to “healthy cookbooks.” Let Oprah eat all the cardboard tasting diet foods; this good ole Kentucky boy will take the Blue-plate Special any day.  I was actually kind of impressed how quick my initial skepticism faded away… As a scientist, I found myself excited about how accurately scientific research has been translated into delicious easy recipes and dietary guidance throughout this cookbook…

The recipes are pretty fantastic to say the least… I haven’t had the chance to try all 200 of them, but I did put my reputation in the kitchen on the line when I invited 6 of my close friends over for a dinner derived solely from recipes within this cookbook. I made 5 of the recipes. We started with the Quick Zucchini – Basil Soup (p. 62), followed by a main course of Glazed Flank Steak with Honey-Dijon Onions (p. 259), Greek-Style Broccoli (p. 91), and Sweet Potato Oven Fries (p. 104).  I whipped up the Apple Blueberry Crisp (p. 335) that my friend John described as a “slam dunk” for dessert.  All of the recipes were a huge success.

Last week I tried the Chicken Curry Stir Fry (p. 317) which was really out of this world, and tonight I have date coming over (cross your fingers for me) to try out a few seafood recipes from the cookbook!

The cookbook has calories for each recipe listed to the side, as well as the amount of walking or jogging you need to do to burn those calories off.  In fact, the introduction has a really easy to understand explanation of the science behind how your body uses calories, as well as a guide to helping you determine your daily calorie and exercise goals.

I’m personally excited for this cookbook simply because it’s not a “fad diet” and no food groups are left out. It’s an easy first step towards teaching people to make small but delicious lifestyle changes and decisions to optimize health. The cookbook is backed by many leading nutrition scientists (not the phony TV personalities but the extremely credible individuals that conduct and publish actual research).  It really is a must read for all you health-conscious foodies out there…

To purchase this cookbook or for more helpful healthy cooking tips go to the Calories In Calories Out website. Happy cooking!

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